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We Are One

One Voice. One People. One Movement.



We believe in Unity to move forward. That fighting amongst each other is NOT the answer and working with each other on common issues will change our future. 


We believe in being the change we want to see. Tangible change. That the people deserve to be heard and deserve equal representation throughout our society. We will be empowered to protect our ideas and our bodies.


We believe the perspectives of people of color have been historically distorted and believe in respecting each other to create a judgement-free, safe space for shared experiences amongst those who have been silenced. 


We believe the police need to be held accountable for their actions and our government needs to work for us. That systemic racism has imprisoned our people of color in a place where they cannot succeed.


We Believe Black Lives Matter and all lives can not matter until black lives do.


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© 2020 by We Are One. Proudly founded by Terwanda McMoore.

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